George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits 2014: Race 4 4th July 2014

Race They say when one door closes another one opens…the final race in the George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits Series comes just as the UK prepares itself for the start of another bicycle race…something to do with France I think? Now the dust has settled on the Grand Depart and the selfies have all been uploaded to various social media platforms we find time to wrap up race 4 of the 2014 Hove Park series.

Cat 4 Race

The 4th Cat only race got off bang on time in good conditions with a healthy field cranking things up from the gun. This quickly saw riders on the back foot with a lead group form very early on with a chase group trying to keep the leaders in their sights. The lead group comprised of some riders who had clearly had promotion to the Cat 3 ranks on their minds and Mark Amicucci-Brown (Evans Cycle Team), Edward Britton (Dulwich Paragon) and John Aston (Private) were looking very focused. With the riders taking the long drag up to the finish each lap the relentless pace saw the lead group whittled down to only 8 riders with Aston and Oliver Morris-Jones (Private) taking turns to make little digs. When the 5 laps to go board was held up the ever-decreasing lead group started to settle down for the final sprint whilst what was left of the field were just hanging on for the bell. The inevitable attacks came in the last couple of laps but in the end it was Amicucci-Brown (Evans Cycle Race Team) who proved the strongest and took a well-deserved win, followed by the very smooth looking Oliver Morris-Jones (Private) and Edward Britton (Dulwich Paragon). All in all it was a display of great riding from the Cat 4 riders which proves that cycle racing is going from strength to strength in the UK with no shortage of talented and dedicated Cat 4 riders getting stuck in to bike racing.

Race 4 – Cat 4 Results

1. Mark Amicucci-Brown (Evans Cycle Race Team)

2. Oliver Morris-Jones (Private)

3. Edward Britton (Dulwich Paragon)

4. John Aston (Private) 5. Michael Davey (Eastbourne Rovers CC)

6. Andrew Brown (Thames Velo)

7. Gregor Ross (Brighton Mitre)

8. Rob Paynter (Brighton Excelsior CC)

9. Howard Shaw (Eastbourne Rovers CC)

10. Anthony Grey (Crawley Wheelers)

11. Mark Edwards (Eastbourne Rovers CC)

12. Graham Winstanley (On The Rivet)

13. Elliot Brown (Eastbourne Rovers CC)

14. Stephen Roberts (Eastbourne Rovers CC)

15. Liam Brightmore (Brighton Mitre)

16. Lee Benson (Fareham Wheelers)

17. Simon Mercado (Private Member)

18. Simon Waller (Kingston Phoenix)

DNF     Alex Marlow (Brighton Mitre CC)

Cat 2/3 Race

So we come down to it at last…the final race in the 2014 Hove Park series. With double points on offer all night it was a chance for the top 3 riders in the overall standings to upset the applecart. Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods) was the clear leader but a mechanical or DNF could see him lose his chance to take the series title. The overall series winner would be receiving the George Samuel Memorial Trophy plus a voucher from The Bike Store, 65 Brighton Road, Worthing (they also kindly donated prizes given out during the evening to various categories such as ‘most aggressive rider’ and ‘lanterne rouge’). A field of 20 riders lined up at the start and as soon as the flag dropped the pace was whipped up immediately. The series contenders parked themselves on the front and quickly tested each other with digs up the finishing hill. Straight away several riders saw their races over as they blew just trying to hang on to the group. Prime 1 came early on and with double points on offer the series leaders were taking no chances. Ian Robbins (Brighton Mitre) took top points followed by Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods) and  Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee). This had the effect of splitting the bunch completely and a small lead group of 10 opened up a sizable gap over the remnants of the field. All the movers and shakers were in the lead group so there were no attempts from the chasers to pull back the leaders. The group of 10 quickly set about cranking out a high tempo with the main contenders ensuring the pace was kept high. There were a couple of passengers who were unable to contribute to the pace but grimly hung on to the back wheels. Prime 2 once again saw Robbins power up the finishing straight to take the points with Flynn taking second and Kieran Ali (Cycleworks) third. Straight after the prime, Eliot Lipski (VC Elan) attacked and got a bit of daylight but was swiftly brought back….almost immediately a counter move was launched by Barney Willard (PB Cycle Coaching RT). This looked to be a smart move and Willard stayed away to claim prime 3 with Flynn and Robbins taking second and third. Quick calculations suggested that Flynn was going to take the title but it would all come down to the finish… Just before the 5 laps to go Lipski made another bid for glory but was once again chased down – they were not going to get anyone get too much distance. Once again a counter was launched and it was Willard’s teammate Paul Butler (PB Cycle Coaching RT) who made the move of the race earning him the most aggressive rider at the end of the day. With two laps to go Butler looked like he had it in the bag but was brought back…in a classic cycling 1-2 Willard launched another move. Was PB Cycle Coaching RT going to snatch victory away from the series leaders? The last lap saw the spectators holding their collective breath willing on the solo break but it was Robbins who repeated his powerful uphill sprint (which saw him claim the primes) to take the race win. Kieran Ali took second with Chris Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon) third but fourth place for Paul Flynn meant he had sealed overall victory. It was a cracking race and a fitting finale to the 2014 series: Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods) was a deserving overall winner but he had some strong challengers in the form of Ian Robbins (Brighton Mitre), Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee) and last year’s winner Phil Glowinski (VC Londres). The 2014 series saw some great racing over the summer and the organisers would like to thank all the riders who took part and all the volunteers that helped and made the racing possible. Chapeau to all!

Race 4 – Cat 2/3 results

1. Ian Robbins (Brighton Mitre)

2. Kieran Ali (

3. Chris Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon CC)

4. Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods)

5. Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee)

6. Oli Pepper (Kinesis Morvelo Project)

7. Christian Faires (Blazing Saddles)

8. Elliot Lipski (VC Elan)

9. Barney Willard (PB Cycle Coaching)

10. Paul Butler (PB Cycle Coaching)

11. Tim Warner (Blazing Saddles)

12. Rory Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon)

13. Chirs Hewitt (Brighton Mitre)

14. Matthew Reid (Sussex Nomads)

15. Douglas Fox (Crawley Wheelers)

16. Rupert Robinson (Crawley Wheelers)

17. Joel Draper (Brighton Mitre)

DNF     Declan Egan (Kingston Wheelers)

DNF     Matt Walters (Sigma Sport)

DNF     Richard Moult  (Private Member)

Final Overall Standings (after race 4)

1. Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods)………………………..108pts

2. Ian Robins (Brighton Mitre)………………….……….86pts

3. Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee)………….……………42pts

4. Chris Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon CC)………….42pts

5. Barney Willard (PB Cycle Coaching)……………….21pts

6. Michael Coyle (Brighton Mitre)………………….…..14pts

7. Marc Townsend (Neon-Velo Cycling Team)..…..13pts

8. Alex Briggs (Rollapaluza)……………………………….12pts

9. Daniel Clark (Brighton Mitre)…………………………10pts

10. Oli Pepper (Morvelo)……………………………………..10pts

11. Will Adams ……………………………………………………8pts

11.     Jules Birks (VC Londres)………………………..……….8pts

11.     Elliott Lipski (VC Elan)……………………………………8pts

11.     Christian Faires (Blazing Saddles)…………………..8pts

15. Euan Adams (Private Member)…………….…………7pts

16. Paul Barnard (Southdowns Bikes)…………………..5pts

16. Mark Smith (Crawley Wheelers)……………..………5pts

18. Kairan Ali (Cycleworks)…………………………………4pts

18.     Jon Cannings (………………………..……4pts

19.     James Plumb (……………………….……3pts

19.     Matt Farren (Brighton Mitre)……………………..……3pts

21.     John-Paul Brophy (Neon-Velo Cycling Team)…….2pts

21.     Andy Ten-Broeke (PB Cycle Coaching)…………….2pts

23.     Jed Williamson (Brighton Mitre)……………………..1pts

23.     Paul Bulter (PB Cycle Coaching)…………………..….1pts




George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits 2014: Race 3 13th June 2014

Cat 4 Race  / Women’s Race Summertime and the living isn’t that easy…and neither is the racing at Hove Park! Race 3 saw the warmest evening of the series so far and with very little wind we would be treated to some fast racing. The 4th Cat only race got rolling at 6.45pm on the dot with a good field of over 20 riders and was swiftly followed by the women’s only race (for the first time this series a women’s only race was held as part of the race 3 programme).  Although there were only 3 riders on the women’s start sheet they were all prepared to make a race of it and set off in hot pursuit of the 4th Cats. The Cat 4 riders seemed to adopt a strategy of riding tempo as a large group all waiting for one another to make the first move – or perhaps as it was such a sunny evening they thought it was too nice to start attacking each other! Meanwhile behind them the women’s race saw Ellin Williamson and Sarah Phelps (both Brighton Mitre) take on Lizzy Brama (Bonito Squadra Corse) and the trio set about whipping up a ferocious pace with the odd dig coming as they searched for weaknesses on the drag up to the finish. The relentless tempo in the 4ths saw riders starting to get shed out the back and after about 20 minutes the first serious attacks saw splits appearing with a small group of 10 go clear. The rest of the field tried to limit their losses and small groups formed as riders were starting to get lapped. As the 4th Cat race started to break up the women’s race saw Williamson dropped as Phelps and Brama tested each other with attacks as they neared the bell lap. A massive dig from Brama saw her take the honours followed by Phelps and Williamson. As the 4th Cat race saw the 5 laps to go board the stronger riders started stringing things out with Ed Fraser (PB Coaching) getting some daylight. Fraser held on for the win followed by the remains of the group which saw Ed Britton (Dulwich Paragon) Amicucci-Brown (Evans Cycles) round out the podium.

Race 3 – Cat 4 Results

1. John Dussek (PM)

2. Simon Dowling (Brighton Mitre)

3. Richard Moult (PM)

4. Elliot Brown (Eastbourne Rovers )

5. Alex Marlow (Brighton Mitre )

6. Jono Skilton (Pivot-Boompods)

7. Martin O’Neill (Brighton Mitre)

8. Chris Cooper (PB Cycle Coaching)

9. Graham Winstanley (On The Rivet)

10. Robert Paynter Brighton Excelsior)

11. Stephen Roberts (Eastbourne Rovers)

12. Nick Wheeler (PM) 13. Francis Devereux (PM)

14. Michael Blan (Brighton Mitre)

15. Paul Archer (Sussex Nomads)

16. Simon Mercado (PM)

17. Darren Haynes (Crawley Wheelers)

18. Ben Archer (PM)

19. Eddie Bull (Sussex Nomads)

Womens’s Race Results

1. Lizzy Brama (Bonito Squadra Corse)

2. Sarah Phelps (Brighton Mitre)

3. Ellin Williamson (Brighton Mitre)

Cat 2/3 Race

With the warm temperatures continuing the 2/3 riders were champing at the bit to get on the circuit and do battle. Last year’s series winner Phil Glowinski (VC Londres) was in attendance as was an in-form Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods). Right away the bunch got down to action with the attacks coming on the first lap which saw several riders go out the back. Prime 1 came early in the race and first blood was taken by Ian Robbins (Brighton Mitre) followed by Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods) and then Marc Townsend (Neon Velo). Unfortunately Robbins was eventually a DNF and lost his prime points (riders must finish the race to keep their points) so the maximum points went to Flynn. The bunch continued to attack each other and the pace got higher and higher  – riders were now scattered to the four winds and the DNFs started piling up. Prime 2 went to Flynn and Stuart Bettis (Southdowns Bikes) took second place with Phil Glowinski (VC Londres ) third.  Unfortunately both Bettis and Glowinski were victims of technicals during the race and didn’t receive their points as they were DNF. Second place prime points were eventually awarded to Barney Willard (PB Cycle Coaching) and third place went to Dan Clark (Brighton Mitre). The attacks for the primes saw the field now whittled down to about 13 riders with victims of the relentless pace churning around the circuit in the evening sunshine. Prime 3 saw Flynn once again take the honours with Townsend and Mark Smith (Crawley Wheelers) second and third respectively. With 3 laps to go Bettis launched a massive attack which was quickly brought under control and then Mark Emsley (Brighton Excelsior ) followed with a counter attack. A solo victory looked on the cards but it was all brought together at the last moment with victory going to Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods) with Alex Briggs (Rollapaluza) second and Chris Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon) third. Sadly Bettis rolled a tub on the final bend and ended up crashing out of contention. After the race Paul Flynn spoke of how much the victory meant to him personally: “I was determined to win tonight – my friend Mike Davies (affectionately known as ‘Pickle’) passed away Thursday 12th June after a road accident whilst commuting home. Mike was a great friend throughout my teenage years and through junior racing. He leaves behind a young daughter and a wife and at 33 was taken far too early. Ever a keen cyclist, he’ll be missed by all his friends and I’ll miss being able to tell him about my racing”.

Race 3 – Cat 2/3 results

1. Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods)

2. Alex Briggs (Rollapaluza)

3. Chris Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon CC)

4. Will Adams (PM)

5. Daniel Clark (Brighton Mitre)

6. Paul Barnard (Southdowns Bikes)

7. Elliott Lipski (VC Elan)

8. Marc Townsend (Neon Velo)

9. Barney Willard (PB Coaching)

10. Jed Williamson (Brighton Mitre)

11. Mark Smith (Crawley Wheelers)

12. Mark Emsley (Brighton Excelsior)

13. Rory Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon)

14. John-Paul Brophy (Neon-Velo)

15. Frazer Clifford (Pivot Boompods)

16. Andrew Moore (Southdowns Bikes)

17. John Pears (Crawley Wheelers)

18. Alex Stephenson (Brighton  Mitre)

19. Trevor Roberts (Brighton Mitre)

DNF     Stuart Bettis (Southdowns Bikes)

DNF     Ian Robbins (Brighton Mitre)

DNF     Martin Edmonds (Brighton Mitre)

DNF     Phil Glowinski (VC Londres)

DNF     Paul Sheers (ViCiOUS VELO)

DNF     Ben Bradley (Southdown Velo)

DNF     Andy Ten-Broeke (PB Cycle Coaching)

DNF     Oliver Nixon (VO2 Development Team)

Overall Standings (after race 3)

1. Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods)…………………..…..68pts

2. Ian Robins (Brighton Mitre)………………….…….28pts

3. Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee)………….…………26pts

4. Phil Glowinski (VC Londres)………………………..25 pts

5. Chris Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon CC)………….22pts

6. Michael Coyle (Brighton Mitre)………………….…14pts

7. Marc Townsend (Neon-Velo Cycling Team)..….13pts

8. Alex Briggs (Rollapaluza)……………………………..12pts

9. Daniel Clark (Brighton Mitre)…………………………10pt

10. Will Adams …………………………………………………8pts

10.      Jules Birks (VC Londres)………………………..….8pts

10.      Elliott Lipski (VC Elan)………………………………8pts

11. Euan Adams (Private Member)…………….…………7pts

12. Barney Willard (PB Cycle Coaching)………………..5pts

13. Paul Barnard (Southdowns Bikes)…………………..5pts

14. Mark Smith (Crawley Wheelers)……………..………5pts

15. Jon Cannings (………………………..……4pts

11. James Plumb (……………………….……3pts

11. Matt Farren (Brighton Mitre)……………………..……3pts

14. John-Paul Brophy (Neon-Velo Cycling Team)…….2pts

15. Andy Ten-Broeke (PB Cycle Coaching)…………….2pts

16. Jed Williamson (Brighton Mitre)……………………..1pts



George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits 2014: Race 2 9th May 2014
Cat 4 Race

Race 1 of the 2014 George Samuel Crit series saw some fierce racing in both the Cat 4 and the Cat 2/3 races and this looks to have set the standard for the rest of the races judging by what was witnessed at Hove Park on the 9th May. Race 2 of the series once again saw sizeable fields take to the line in both races under clear skies although a strong wind was going to make the going tough for all concerned.

First off was the Cat 4 race and with a bunch numbering 26 riders those stuck at the back on the descent with the sharp right hand bend would have to make a lot of effort to remain in contact. The Hove Park races show that it requires more than strength and fitness to make a good bike rider – circuits like this require great bike handling skills and tactical savy to stay in contention. A relentless pace saw the bunch get smaller and smaller with each passing lap and it wasn’t long before the main contenders were in a group of about 9 whilst several riders were either struggling in no one man’s land or were trying to form small working groups to keep themselves in the race. The lead group eventually started lapping riders and it became a matter of survival for most riders whilst the leaders started watching each other as the 5 laps to go board was flashed up. Stuart Read (Evans Cycle Race Team) looked to be one of the strong men and was taking the corners like a Belgian pro whilst Laurence Dodd (Brighton Mitre) was keeping a watchful eye on the front of the group. Last lap saw a massive dig from Read take him clear and he held off the bunch to take an impressive solo victory. Rounding off the podium steps were John Ashton (Private Member) and Richard Molt (Private Member).

Race 2 – Cat 4 Results

1. Stuart Read (Evans Cycle race Team)
2. John Ashton (Private Member)
3. Richard Molt (Private Member)
4. Lee Benson (Fareham Wheelers)
5. Robert Rollings (Lewes Wanderers)
6. Laurence Dodd (Brighton Mitre)
7. Gregor Ross (Brighton Mitre)
8. Simon Dowling (Brighton Mitre)
9. Simon Taylor (Brighton Phoenix)
10. Richard Farrell (Private Member)
11. Dan Armitage (Private Member)
12. Nick Wheeler (BRC)
13. Richard Smith (Private Member)
14. Darren Haynes (Crawley Wheelers)
15. Elliot Brown (Eastbourne Rovers)
16. Jamie Crookston (Brighton Mitre)
17. David Harries (Eastbourne Rovers)
18. Martin O’Neil (Brighton Mitre)
19. James Cornford (SPS)
20. Chris Gore (BRC)
21. Liam Brightmore (Brighton Mitre)
22. Stephen Roberts (Eastbourne Rovers)
23. Martin Broughton (Chapeau the People’s BC)
24. James Cotton (Private Member)
25. Alex Beyfus (Sussex Nomads)
DNF Tim Mantle (Brighton Mitre)
DNF Chris Evans (Brighton Mitre)
DNF Slawomir Giecewicz (Eastbourne Rovers)
DNF Chris Hewitt (Brighton Mitre)
DNF Paul Archer (Sussex Nomads)

Cat 2/3 Race
In contrast to race 1 the weather started to turn as the 2/3 riders lined up to do battle. With a strong wind and the clouds gathering overhead it was going to be tough going out on the circuit. With a couple of the series contenders not in attendance tonight was a chance for others with designs on the title and the bunch quickly set about tackling the 50 minutes plus 5 laps with determination. Almost immediately riders lost contact due to the high tempo being set and with prime 1 coming very early on in the race it meant disaster for many of the riders who simply didn’t have the legs. The first prime sent shockwaves through the group with Phil Glowinski (VC Londres) taking full points followed by Ian Robins (Brighton Mitre) and Euan Adams (Private Member). The result of this acceleration saw a severely depleted field ride clear with a smaller group forming behind followed by riders spread all over the circuit. The pit area started to fill up with DNFs as the pressure took its toll and the small lead group – which contained some of the challengers for the overall spot – set about tearing up the race at a high rate of knots whilst anyone left on the circuit suffered out in the wind. Prime 2 saw the spoils go to Robins with Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods) second and up and coming star Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee) third. The gauntlet was well and truly thrown to the ground and the battle for victory was on – riders started to think tactically: were we going to see a late escape to seal the win or would the title contenders settle for a controlled bunch finish to try and consolidate their points of the leader board? The third and final prime came late in the and once again Robins took the prize followed by Flynn and Corum-Haines. The points were mounting up and pressure was building – who was going to take the honours tonight? Unfortunately Robins ruled himself out the finishing points with becoming a DNF and soon we were down to 6 in the leading group with the minor placings to come from those who were hanging on with thoughts of some points. It was all too much for some and even those in with a chance of scoring a place simply blew and tried to ride to the finish. 5 laps to go brought audible shouts of relief whilst at the sharp end of the race Corum-Haines went clear with Flynn. However although this move didn’t stick the front runners left it all out on the road with a frenetic last couple of laps and it was Flynn that took the victory stealing away from Chris Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon) and Phil Glowinski (VC Londres).

Once again the organisers would like to thank all the riders and helpers who make this series possible.

Message from the organisers: following post-race discussions we have looked at the way we award points to the riders whereby points scored go towards the overall series placings. We feel that to be fair to all riders that take part in the races that riders scoring prime points must finish the race to keep the points UNLESS they suffer a legitimate mechanical issue or other problem that may occur during the race. This will also be at the discretion of the organisers/commissaire. This ruling will apply as of race 3 in the 2014 series.

Race 2 – Cat 2/3 results

1. Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods)
2. Chris Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon CC)
3. Phil Glowinski (VC Londres)
4. Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee)
5. Marc Townsend (Neon-Velo Cycling Team)
6. Euan Adams (Private Member)
7. Elliott Lipski (VC Elan)
8. Matt Farren (Brighton Mitre)
9. John-Paul Brophy (Neon-Velo Cycling Team)
10. Daniel Clark (Brighton Mitre)
11. Tim Warner (Blazing Saddles Cycles)
12. Jonnie Blackman (Beckenham Rugby Cyclists)
13. Francisco Piai (Brighton Mitre)
14. Oli Pepper (Morvelo Kinesis Project)
15. Frazer Clifford (Pivot Boompods)
16. Andrew Moore (Southdowns Bikes)
DNF Jed Williamson (Brighton Mitre)
DNF Alberto Battaglia (Dulwich Paragon CC)
DNF James McCoy (Private Member)
DNF Paul Horta-Hopkins (Handsling Racing)
DNF Ian Robins (Brighton Mitre)
DNF Jon Spiers (Private Member)
DNF Rory Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon CC)

Overall Standings (after race 2)

1. Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods)…………………………35pts
2. Ian Robins (Brighton Mitre)………………….………..28pts
3. Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee)………….…………..26pts
4. Michael Coyle (Brighton Mitre)…………….…………14pts
5. Chris Wilkinson (Dulwich Paragon CC)……..………12pts
6. Jules Birks (VC Londres)………………………..………..8pts
7. Euan Adams (Private Member)…………….………..…7pts
8. Marc Townsend (Neon-Velo Cycling Team)..……..6pts
9. Jon Cannings (………………………..…….4pts
9. Elliott Lipski (VC Elan)………………………………………4pts
11. James Plumb (……………………..………3pts
11. Mark Smith (Crawley Wheelers)……………..………..3pts
11. Matt Farren (Brighton Mitre)……………………..…….3pts
14. John-Paul Brophy (Neon-Velo Cycling Team)…..2pts
15. Daniel Clark (Brighton Mitre)……………………………1pt


2014 George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits: Race 1 of 4 (25/04/14)

Cat 4 Race 2014 is shaping up to be an epic year for cycling in Great Britain, what with Wiggo releasing another Fred Perry clothing collection, the Tour de France starting in Yorkshire and of course the return of the annual George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits. Building on the success of the previous two series this year looks to be another action packed contest with all of the contenders from last year lining up to duke it out for the top overall spot. New for this year – and responding to popular demand – is online entry for all the races which resulted in almost full fields taking to the start line on a cool April evening in Hove.

A grey and damp day saw the Cat 4 riders line up bang on 6.45pm with all riders, officials and spectators hoping that the rain would hold off, which thankfully it did. The Cat 4 races often produce some determined riding as riders want to get their license points to move up to the Cat 3 level. Tonight proved no exception with two riders attacking right from the gun: Samuel Stean (Mountain Trax RT) and Ed Fraser (PB Cycle Coaching RT) stepped on the gas and quickly set about opening up a gap on the bunch. This had the dramatic effect of putting many riders into difficulty after only a couple of laps with the bunch strung out in an attempt to limit the growing gap. After 20 minutes of racing completed the duo had established a safe lead and were working together like a couple of pros looking to lap the field. The severely depleted bunch started to look like it had accepted defeat. A few more attempts from the bunch to inject some pace resulted in more riders being shed from the back. Finally the 5 laps to go board was held up and the first and second places were pretty much guaranteed with the minor placings to be fought out by the survivors. With 2 laps to go Samuel Stean put in a massive dig to leave his companion and held it until the finish thus scoring victory. Ed Fraser took a well-deserved second place with Brindley Taylor (Crawley Wheelers) bringing the bunch home.

Cat 4 Results

1. Samuel Stean (Mountain Trax RT)

2. Ed Frasier (PB Cycle Coaching RT)

3. Brindley Taylor (Crawley Wheelers)

4. Tim Warner (Blazing Saddles)

5. Chris Hewitt (Brighton Mitre)

6. Edward Rulton (Glendene CC)

7. Richard Molt (Private Member)

8. Michael Rice (De Laune CC)

9. Laurence Dodd (Brighton Mitre)

10. Lee Benson (Fareham Wheelers)

11. Gregor Ross (Brighton Mitre)

12. Simon Dowling (Brighton Mitre)

13. Chris Evans (Brighton Mitre)

14. Ian Millan (Medway VC)

15. Luke Kennard (Mountain Trax RT)

16. Andrea Diacci (Brighton Mitre)

17. Rory Barrett (Private Member)

18. Jamie Crookston (Private Member)

19. Elliott Banks (Private Member)

20. Luke De Quay (East Grinstead CC)

21. David Harries (Eastbourne Rovers CC)

22. James Cornford (SPS)

23. Alex Beyfus (Sussex Nomads)

24. Kevin Ashford (Brighton Mitre)

DNF Dan Armitagge (Private Member)

DNF Danny Watts (Crawley Wheelers)

DNF Eddie Bull (Sussex Nomads)


Cat 2/3 Race The sun started to poke its face out from in between the clouds as the near to capacity field lined up for the 2/3 race. The movers and shakers from the last couple of years were all ready and willing  – the big hitters included Stuart Bettis (Southdowns Bikes), Phil Glowinski and Jules Birks (VC Londres). Throwing their cycling caps into the mix were Brighton strong men Mike Coyle and Ian Robbins. Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods) was also ready to stake his claim on the series title.

From the gun Stuart Bettis showed a clean pair of wheels and indicated that his recent appearance at the Ras had given him some good form – he held the animated bunch at bay for a few laps until the strong guys brought him back into the fold. The pace was high right from the off with riders being blown out the back on the first couple of laps. One of the highlights of the 2/3 races are the primes that are peppered throughout the night. These often blow the race apart as prime points count towards the overall series classification. This proved no exception tonight as Ian Robins (Brighton Mitre) took prime 1 ahead of Glowinski  and Birks with the race behind splitting up as a result of the surge in pace. Mark Smith from Crawley Wheelers enjoyed a brief moment of glory before the sprint for prime 2 saw the race step up yet another a gear. Once again Robins took the points ahead of Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee) and Mark Smith (Crawley Wheelers). This trio tried to make the gap stick but the bunch wasn’t letting it get too dangerous and determined efforts at the head of the bunch saw riders burying themselves to bridge gaps or merely survive. Unfortunately Bettis had not recovered from his exertions at the Ras and called it a day. Ian Robins suffered his second puncture of the evening and also had to retire from the race.

Meanwhile Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre) decided it was time to make his move and bridge the gap to join the small group of escapees which now included Daniel Tullet (Specialized Racing), Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods) and Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee). This was set to be the race winning break with the rest of the bunch settling into survival mode as this group wasn’t coming back. Prime 3 saw Tullett claim max points followed by Flyn and Coyle. Unfortunately for Flyn a wheel slip saw him come off and when he rejoined the race he was in no man’s land fighting for 4th place on the road. With the 5 laps board about to be flashed up the bunch splintered yet again but there was no hope of the now leading trio being caught. Tullet took a long one and flew up the drag towards the finish line to claim the win with Coyle not far behind. Corum-Haines secured third spot in an excellent display from the young and talented rider. Paul Flyn held on to his 4th spot and challengers for the overall series title Glowinski and Birks bagged 5th and 6th position respectively.

There was no denying that this was a corker of a race and the gauntlet was thrown down by all the riders who want the 2014 series title. If the rest of the 2/3 races are like this then it will be a summer of action packed racing at Hove Park. We’re looking forward to race 2 in the series on the 9th May. The organisers would like to extend their thanks to all the riders who came to support this event and also to all the volunteers who step up and help to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Finally, in response to a number of enquiries from female racers we have added a women’s only race to the series. This will take place as part of the evening’s programme on the 13th June. See you there!

Cat 2/3 Results

1. Daniel Tulett (Specialized Racing)

2. Michael Coyle (Brighton Mitre)

3. Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee)

4. Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods)

5. Jules Birks (VC Londres)

6. Phil Glowinski (VC Londres)

7. Jon Cannings (

8. James Plumb (

9. Mark Smith (Crawley Wheelers)

10. Jason Edwards (Private Member)

11. Jed Williamson (Brighton Mitre)

12. Luke Farren (Brighton Mitre)

13. Elliott Lipski (VC Elan)

14. Rupert Robinson (Crawley Wheelers)

15. Paul Barnard (Southdowns Bikes)

16. Ian Leeding (Norwood Paragon)

17. Matthew Reid (Sussex Nomads)

18. Barnaby Kennard (Sussex Nomads)

19. Simon Parker (Crawley Wheelers)

20. Douglas Fox (Crawley Wheelers)

DNF Sam Cheesman (ASL 360) DNF Stuart Bettis (Southdowns Bikes)

DNF Alec Briggs (Rollapaluza) DNF Matt Farren (Brighton Mitre)

DNF Will Thomas (Brighton Mitre) DNF Ian Robins (Brighton Mitre)

DNF Daniel Clark (Brighton Mitre) DNF Steve Willis (In-Gear)

DNF John Pears (Crawley Wheelers) DNF Gareth Thyer (Lanhydrock Wheelers)


2014 George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Overall Points Standings (after Race 1)

1. Daniel Tulett (Specialized Racing)……….21 pts

2. Michael Coyle (Brighton Mitre)……………14 pts

2.   Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee)…………14 pts

4. Paul Flynn (Pivot Boompods)……………..12 pts

4. Ian Robins (Brighton Mitre)………………..12 pts

6. Phil Glowinski (VC Londres)……………….9 pts

7. Jules Birks (VC Londres)…………………..8 pts

8. Jon Cannings (……………….4 pts

9. James Plumb (………………..3 pts

9. Mark Smith (Crawley Wheelers)……………3 pts



The George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits Series 2014

The first race in the summer long series of four events kicks off on Friday 25th April at 6.45pm. 

Each evening will start with a 4th Category-only event over 30 minutes plus 5 laps, followed by a 2nd/3rd Category contest over 50 minutes plus 5 laps.

Riders please note – this year sees the introduction of a new points scoring system which will keep riders working hard (and pundits guessing!) right up to the finish of the last race of the series.

Points Scoring for each race (double points for the last race – including primes)

Overall Placing

1st: 15 points

2nd: 12 points

3rd: 10 points

4th: 8 points

5th: 6 points

6th: 5 points

7th: 4 points

8th: 3 points

9th: 2 points

10th: 1 point

Primes (three primes per race)

1st: 6 points

2nd: 4 points

3rd: 2 points

See you on the start line!




2013 George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits Race 4

The 4th and final race in the 2013 series saw the arrival of both the much-predicted British summer and the Tour de France. It would be fair to that the combination of these two factors – plus the closeness of the contenders for the overall prize in the George Samuel Memorial Crits Series – had generated much excitement amongst the cyclists and spectators gathered at Hove Park.

The current leader in the series, Jules Birk (VC Londres), was once again absent (as was another of the challengers for overall Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre)) so  with double points on offer it would be a battle royale between Phil Glowinski (VC Londres) and Stuart Bettis (Southdowns Bikes).

Immediately after the whistle went it was indeed Bettis and Rupert Denny (Dream Cycling) who commenced hostilities by attacking off the front but they were swiftly brought back by an attentive bunch. Prime 1 saw Glowinski take full points followed by Bettis and Elliot Lipski (VC Elan). It was clear that Bettis and Glowinksi were determined to ride for the series title. Denny was one of the most aggressive riders throughout the race once again making a solo effort whilst the bunch kept an eye on things and played tactical games with each other.

Several attacks from Brighton Mitre kept things interesting but the bunch was back together for prime 2 with Glowinski taking more points from Bettis. At just over half way Ian Robbins (Brighton Mitre) put in a massive dig and looked like sneaking away with the win but Glowinski produced a fine turn of speed to reel back Robbins and  take  prime 3 ahead of Robbins and Bettis.

A counter move from Denny and Giorgios Crouch (VC Meudon) surprised everyone and it was not long before they had the race winning move. Bettis knew what he had to do and in a powerful display of riding bridged the gap to the two escapees. Bettis now had the upper hand and was looking certain to take the win whilst Glowinksi was back in a bunch that had settled down for the final sprint.

A determined Bettis stormed up the finishing straight to take the win from Denny and Crouch to take maximum points – the series winner would be decided on where Glowinski placed in the bunch sprint. A sneaky move from Mark Emlsey (Brighton Excelsior) saw him snatch 4th place.

A nervous crowd awaited the bunch and it was Glowinski who took the sprint giving him 5th place and it proved enough to give him the series title ahead of Bettis and Jules Birk.

Glowinski was crowned overall winner of the 2013 George Samuel Memorial Series and certainly proved himself worthy champion. However, all the riders who took part must be credited with producing a series of exciting and dramatic racing and we look forward to the 2014 series!

Race 4 – Cat 2/3 Results

1. Stuart Bettis (Southdowns Bikes)
2. Rupert Denny (Dream Cycling)
3. Georgios Crouch (VC Meudon)
4. Mark Emsley (Brighton Excelisor)
5. Philip Glowinski (VC Londres)
6. Iain Robin (Brighton Mitre)
7. Nathen Fletcher (ASL 360)
8. Iain Cook (VC Londres)
9. Jamie Durmush (VC Elan)
10. Paul Barnard (Southdowns Bikes)
11. Gavin Starling (Brighton Mitre)
12. Robert Quin (Brigthon Mitre)
13. Brock Duncumb-Rogers (Preston Park Youth)
14. Conner Murphy (VC Jubilee)
15. Zak Corum-Haines (VC Jubilee)
16. Elliott Lipski (VC Elan)
17. George Moore (ASL 360)
18. Martin Edmonds (Brighton Mitre)
19. Ross Strindel (Sussex Nomands)
20. Tony Baker (Crawley Wheelers)
21. Mathew Leary (In-Gear)
DNF – Sam Cheeseman (ASl 360)
DNF – Joel Draper (Brighton Mitre)

2013 George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Overall Points Final Standings
1. Philip Glowinski (VC Londres)………..96pts
2. Stuart Bettis (Southdowns Bikes)……..89pts
3. Jules Birks (VC Londres)……………….50pts
4. Georgios Crouch (VC Meudon)……….34pts
5. Iain Cook (VC Londres)…….…………..32pts
6. Michael Coyle (Brighton Mitre)…..……27pts
6. Wayne Crombie (East London Velo)…..27pts
8. Rupert Denny (Dream Cycling)…………24pts
9. Dan Gardener (ASL 360)…………….…20pts
10. Iain Robin (Brighton Mitre)……………16pts
10. Mark Emsley (Brighton Excelisor)…….16pts
12. Paul Flynn (Brighton Mitre)……………14pts
13. Elliott Lipski (VC Elan)…………………9pts
14. Nathen Fletcher (ASL 360)………………8pts
15. Patrick Martin (Wyndymilla)……………6pts
15. James Solly (VC Londres)………………6pts
17. Barney Willard (Ingear)…………………5pts
18. Gavin Starling (Brighton Mitre)………..4pts
18. Paul Butler (Ingear)……………………..4pts
18. Jamie Durmush (VC Elan)………………4pts
21. Joe Hyatt (Brighton Mitre)………………3pts
21. Jack Evans (Brighton Mitre)……………3pts
23. Matt Hill (V02 Development Team)…….2pts
23. Mark Westrun (Strada-Sport)…………..2pts
23. Paul Barnard (Southdowns Bikes)………2pts
26. Robert Quin (Brigthon Mitre)…………….1pts

Before the drama of the Cat 2/3 race a very motivated group of Cat 4 racers rolled up to the start line ready to take on the testing Hove Park circuit for the fourth and final time this summer.

Dan Fagg (Brighton Mitre) decided to take the race by the scruff of the neck and attacked right from the start getting a small lead and stringing out the bunch. His efforts put riders into the red zone immediately and they never recovered. Fagg was soon brought to heel however and the bunch will all together for the special prime sprints arranged for the final race.

Robin Plowman (ASL 360) took first blood and it was ASL 360 and Crawley Wheelers who stared to shake things up. Despite the fierce tempo the bunch stayed together and prime 2 saw Jake Fieldsend (VC Jubilee) rocket from the group to take the prize.

With 5 laps to go many of the riders found the unrelenting pace too much and were left grinding around the circuit whilst the bunch readied itself for a group finish.

Despite ASL 360 driving the bunch through the last 2 laps it was Martin Rowark (Crawley Wheelers ) who took the win ahead of Jed Williamson (Private) and Luke Kennard (Mountain Trax).

A great race from Cat 4 riders and summed up the determined riding that the crits have seen throughout the series.

Race 4 – Cat 4 Results

1. Martin Rowark (Crawley Wheelers)
2. Jed Wulliainson (Private Member)
3. Luke Kennard (Mountain Trax)
4. Alex Stephenson (Brighton Mitre)
5. Philip Wallace-Tarryrs (Crawley Wheelers)
6. Simon Dowling (Brighton Mitre)
7. Nick Smith (Lewis Wanderers)
8. Kane Moore (ASL 360)
9. Robin Plowman (ASL 360)
10. Mathew Nixon (Brighton Mitre)
11. Jake Fieldsend (VC Jubilee)
12. Rob Painter (Brighton Excelisor)
13. James McCoy (Private Member)
14. Daniel Fagg (Brighton Mitre)
15. Trevor Roberts (Brighton Mitre)
16. Joss Beattie (Sussex Nomands)
17. Tim Mantle (Brighton Mitre)
DNF – Alex Bayfus (Sussex Nomads)






2013 George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits Race 3

The third in the series of four races at Hove Park saw the riders greeted by one of the sunniest evenings so far but with a strong wind gusting down the back straight it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park…

With overall series leader Jules Birk (VC Londres) and third placed rider Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre) not in attendance this was a golden opportunity for those other riders with designs on the series trophy to move up the scoreboard.

This was obviously what was on Stuart Bettis’ mind (Southdowns Bikes and currently lying 5th overall) as he broke clear in the very early stages of the race after contesting the first prime of the night. Bettis banked valuable points by winning the prime whilst Philip Glowinski (VC Londres) added to his position in the series by bagging second. Securing third spot was Wayne Crombie (East London Velo) – currently in cracking form having just placed in the top 10 at London Nocturne support race – who then bridged to Bettis in his bid for victory.

Both riders settled into a rhythm and established a strong working partnership which saw them edge away from the bunch who still seemed unsure as to exactly what they should be doing about the escapees.

The pair started to put some distance between themselves and the bunch (now with Glowinski back in the fold) as the pressure started to build and riders started to cling on to the back of the field like Cav would as he went up an Alpine pass. Unfortunately for some, Brighton Mitre rouleur Ian Robbins put in a massive dig in an attempt to bridge the gap to the break and this proved too much for some as the elastic snapped and they were consigned to no-man’s land.

Primes 2 and 3 saw Bettis score a first and second whilst Crombie scored top points on prime 3…again Glowinski kept himself in running for the series top spot by hoovering up third spot in both primes.

At just over the halfway mark Robbins was again winding up the pace but couldn’t close the gap and the bunch were soon back together whilst Bettis and Crombie traded turns on the front, consolidating their lead. The increase in pace however saw more riders shelled out the back and the pack was whittled down even more. It was looking like the dynamic duo of Bettis and Crombie were about to lap the field!

When the junction was finally made Crombie made a canny move around the field that Bettis couldn’t match and suddenly Crombie was clear. He then soloed to a fine victory whilst aggressive Bettis secured a deserved second place. The much reduced group scrapped for the third step on the podium with Glowinski rounding off a fine race with winning the bunch sprint.

Race 3 has set the scene for a dramatic final in July – the top 3 in the series standings are all within touching distance of each other and with double points on offer (for both the primes and final placings) this series is not going to be a foregone conclusion. The George Samuel Memorial Crits 2014 is really going to come down to the wire!
Race 3 – Cat 2/3 Results

1.    Wayne Crombie (East London Velo)
2.    Stuart Bettis (Southdowns Bikes)
3.    Philip Glowinski (VC Londres)
4.    Iain Cook (VC Londres)
5.    Iain Robin (Brighton Mitre)
6.    Elliott Lipski (VC Elan)
7.    Gavin Starling (Brighton Mitre)
8.    Joe Hyatt (Brighton Mitre)
9.    Matt Hill (V02 Development Team)
10.    Robert Quin (Brigthon Mitre)
11.    Elliott Lipski (VC Elan)
12.    George Higgs (Crawley Wheelers)
13.    Jack Evans (Brighton Mitre)
14.    Chris Fletcher (ASL 360)
15.    Andy Bradshaw (VC Londres)
16.    Michael Vance (Dulwich Paragon)
17.    Barney Willard (Ingear)

2013 George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Overall Points Standings (After Race 3)

1.    Jules Birks (VC Londres)……………….50pts
2.    Philip Glowinski (VC Londres)………..48pts
3.    Stuart Bettis (Southdowns Bikes)……..43pts
4.    Michael Coyle (Brighton Mitre)…..……27pts
5.    Wayne Crombie (East London Velo)…..27pts
6.    Dan Gardener (ASL 360)…………….…20pts
7.    Paul Flynn (Brighton Mitre)……………14pts
8.    Georgios Crouch (VC Meudon)………….14pts
9.    Iain Cook (VC Londres)…….…………..10pts
10.    Iain Robin (Brighton Mitre)……………6pts
11.    Patrick Martin (Wyndymilla)……………6pts
12.    James Solly (VC Londres)………………6pts
13.    Elliott Lipski (VC Elan)…………………5pts
14.    Barney Willard (Ingear)…………………5pts
15.    Gavin Starling (Brighton Mitre)………..4pts
16.    Paul Butler (Ingear)……………………..4pts
17.    Joe Hyatt (Brighton Mitre)………………3pts
18.    Jack Evans (Brighton Mitre)……………3pts
19.    Matt Hill (V02 Development Team)…….2pts
20.    Mark Westrun (Strada-Sport)…………..2pts
21.    Robert Quin (Brighton Mitre)………..….1pt

The Cat 4 race at Hove Park always proves to be a happy hunting ground for those riders who are prepared to ride strongly and who want to get the points to move up to Cat 3. Race 3 of the series saw over 30 riders take to the start line – all sporting the look of steely determination which said ‘I want the win’ – it was going to be a hard race.

The commissaire allowed the only two female riders in the group (Rachel Prybylski from WyndyMilla and Lizzy Brama from Brighton Mitre) to set off 30 seconds before the rest of the bunch and they quickly set about eating up the circuit  – the bunch was going to have to work hard if they wanted to catch them!

The girls built up a solid lead and the bunch were motivated – the tempo was high with riders being dropped after only a few minutes. Eventually the catch was made but the work the group had done took its toll – 17 riders were going to be fighting it out for the win with another group of riders (begging for the pain to end) behind them.

With riders scattered all over the circuit this was one of the hotly contested Cat 4 races of the series so far – and the leading group were not going to give an inch when it came down to the gallop.

As the laps counted down the leading group wound up the pace but no one was allowed to go clear. Anthony Barker (Crawley Wheelers) delivered a powerful sprint up the testing final drag creating some daylight between him and second placed rider Barney Kennard (Sussex Nomads). Third place went to Ross Stringer (also from Sussex Nomads).

All in all a cracking Cat 4 race which illustrates just how Hove Park can deliver some great racing  – many congratulations to all those in the race that made such an exciting one to watch!

Race 3 – Cat 4 Results

1.    Antony Barker (Crawley Wheelers)
2.    Barney Kennard (Sussex Nomads)
3.    Ross Stringer (Sussex Nomads)
4.    Jon Woolrich (Velo Sport Jersey)
5.    Matthew Leary (In-Gear)
6.    Simon Parker (Crawley Wheelers)
7.    Philip Wallace-Tarryrs (Crawley Wheelers)
8.    Alex Stephenson (Brighton Mitre)
9.    David Harries (Eastbourne Rovers)
10.    Simon Dowling (Brighton Mitre
11.    Josh Dunne (Sussex Nomads)
12.    Nigel O’Brien (Brighton Mitre)
13.    Nick Smith (Lewis Wanderers)
14.    Kane Moore (ASL 360)
15.    John Marinku (Brighton Phoenix)
16.    Jake Fieldsend (VC Jubilee)
17.    Robert Paynte (VC Jubilee)
18.    Josh Beath (Sussex Nomads)
19.    Lizzy Bama (Brighton Mitre)
20.    Richard Harper (Kington Wheelers)
21.    Daniel Justin (Dulwich Paragon)
22.    Gregory Ross (Private Member)
23.    Jonty Tacon (Brighton Mitre)
24.    Darren Haynes (Crawley Wheelers)
25.    Andy Tedd (A3CRG)
26.    Rachel Prybylski (WyndaMiller)
27.    Trevor Roberts (Brighton Mitre)
28.    Alex Bayfus (Sussex Nomads)
29.    Daniel Fagg (Brighton Mitre)
30.    Jeff Geyre-Walker (VC Jubilee)
DNF – John Beattie (Sussex Nomads)
DNF – Martin (Dulwich Paragon)

2013 George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits Race 2

The second race in the series saw the weather hold back on its promise of a balmy summer evening but thankfully the rain stayed away and the wind was off elsewhere troubling the kitesurfers at Hove Beach. This evening saw the riders tackle the circuit clockwise giving them the challenge of a tight right hand bend and a longer drag up to the finish….which was going be lactic city!

All the names in the running for the series title were present and correct (apart from Paul Flynn) and right from the gun it was clear there was going to be no quarter given.  Paul Butler (InGear) attacked early on getting some distance on an animated bunch and was shortly joined by James Solly (VC Londres). This positioned them perfectly for the first prime of the night which was taken by Solly followed by Butler with Philip Glowinski (VC Londres) holding off a stirring bunch for third spot. A brief flurry of attempted escapes came to nought and it was soon gruppo compacto with riders at the back starting to wish the organisers had left out the long finishing drag that evening!

Series contender Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre) decided to state his intentions to claim the 2013 title and launched an attack which lit the blue touch paper. He was joined by five others who immediately saw the danger and this started to look like the race winning move.

 The break – consisting of Coyle, Jules Birks (VC Londres), Dan Gardner (ASL 360), Stuart Bettis (Southdowns Bikes), Phillip Glowinski (VC Londres), Rob Pelham (Lewes Wanderers) – settled down into a rhythm and set about building a serious gap.

 Prime 3 saw the points taken by Birks, Bettis and Glowinski whilst a tiring bunch couldn’t close the gap to the escapees. Coyle once again launched a blistering attack to fragment the break which resulted in only Birks and Gardner being able to stay with him. Bettis and Glowinski found themselves in no man’s land but carried on working determined to stay ahead of the bunch which had decided that as there minor points up for grabs it was time to do some work.

 With 5 minutes left on the clock the break lapped what was left of the bunch and pulled away. The winner was going to come from this group of three with the rest of the placings to be fought over by Bettis, Glowinski and the remains of the field.

 A last-ditch attack by Coyle on the penultimate lap couldn’t shake off his two companions and the final lap saw the three leaders sprint up the finishing straight just as the bunch were winding up their final surge. Out of the spread of riders firing up the last 200 meters it was Jules Birks (VC Londres) who emerged victorious with Dan Gardner (ASL 360) and Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre) rounding off the podium.

 With Birks recording his second consecutive victory in the series he is emerging as the clear favourite to take the title…but Glowinski and Coyle cannot be ruled out yet. The third race in the series promises to be a thrilling instalment!

Race 2 – Cat 2/3 Results

1.    Jules Birks (VC Londres)
2.    Dan Gardener (ASL 360)
3.    Michael Coyle (Brighton Mitre)
4.    Philip Glowinski (VC Londres)
5.    Stuart Bettis (Southdowns Bikes)
6.    Barney Willard (Ingear)
7.    Iain Cook (VC Londres)
8.    Mark Poland (Ingear)
9.    Jack Evans (Brighton Mitre)
10.    Paul Barnard (Southdowns Bikes)
11.    Patrick Martin (Wyndymilla)
12.    Oli Pepper (Morvelo CC)
13.    James Solly (VC Londres)
14.    Matthew Butt (ASL 360)
15.    Josh Ibbett (Juicelubes Racing)
16.    Rob Pelham (Lewes Wanderers)
17.    Joe Hyatt (Brighton Mitre)
18.    Sam Cheesman (ASL 360)
DNF. Paul Butler (Ingear)
DNF. John Powel (ASL 360)

2013 George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Overall Points Standings (After Race 2)

Race 2 – Cat 2/3 Results

1. Jules Birks (VC Londres)………….50pts
2. Philip Glowinski (VC Londres)…..30pts
3. Michael Coyle (Brighton Mitre)…..27pts
4. Dan Gardener (ASL 360)………….20pts
5. Stuart Bettis (Southdowns Bikes)…15pts
6. Paul Flynn (Brighton Mitre)………14pts
7. Georgios Crouch (VC Meudon)……14pts
8. Patrick Martin (Wyndymilla)………6pts
9. James Solly (VC Londres)…………..6pts
10. James Solly (VC Londres)…………..6pts
11. Barney Willard (Ingear)…………….5pts
12. Iain Cook(VC Londres)…….………..4pts
13. Paul Butler (Ingear)………………….4pts
14. Jack Evans (Brigthon Mitre)………..3pts
15. Mark Westrun (Strada-Sport)……….2pts
16. Roger Smith (Southdowns Bikes) ……1pt
17. Paul Barnard (Southdowns Bikes)…..1pt


The second Cat 4 race in the George Samuel Memorial Crits series saw a good sized field take to the start line in readiness to do battle. The bunch seemed to be sizing each other up and settled into a steady pace which kept them together for the first part of the race.

No-one seemed prepared to poke their nose out of the safety of the bunch until Michael Vance (Dulwich Paragon) decided it was time to make his move. The move was short lived but at least galvanised the bunch into action and the pace went up noticeably. A combination of over-cooking the bottom corner and a tire rolling off saw Nick Smith (Lewes Wanderers) retire from the race and the spill resulted in splits in the bunch with some riders never regaining contact with the front group.

At just over halfway a definite group of ten riders went clear and the rest of the riders were fighting just to stay together. It was shaping up to be sprint from a small group and all the placings were going to come from this leading bunch.

A ferocious final surge up the drag to the chequered flag saw Nathan Fletcher (ASL360) take the win with Michael Vance (Dulwich Paragon) second and Alex Stephenson (Brighton Mitre) third.

Race 2 – Cat 4 Results

1.    Nathan Fletcher (ASL 360)
2.    Michael Vance (Dulwich Paragon)
3.    Alex Stephenson (Brighton Mitre)
4.    Martin Edmonds (Brighton Mitre)
5.    Barney Kennard (Sussex Nomads)
6.    James Danvers (Brighton Mitre)
7.    Jed Williamson (Private)
8.    Carl Adams (Aylesbury)
9.    Ross Stringer (Sussex Nomads)
10.    David Harries (Eastbourne Rovers)
11.    James McCoy (Private)
12.    Matthew Leary (In-Gear)
13.    John Beattie (Sussex Nomads)
14.    Mark Gibbons (Eastbourne Rovers)
15.    Alan Newman (Brighton Mitre)
16.    Paul Horta-Hopkins (Handsling Racing)
17.    Alex Bayfus (Sussex Nomads)
18.    Daniel Fagg (Brighton Mitre)
19.    Nick Smith (Lewes Wanderers) DNF
20.    Simon Dowling (Brighton Mitre) DNF

Again a  MASSIVE thanks to all our helpers.

Look forward to seeing you all for the second race in the series on the 14th June.

Bruce, Claire & Mike

2013 George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits Race 1

Cool temperatures and intermittent showers greeted the racers who arrived for the first George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crit of 2013. With the 2012 series winner John ‘Eddie’ Lewis now promoted to Cat 1 status the 2013 trophy is going to have a new name on it!

Challengers for the title were certainly eager to be in contention – names including Mike Coyle, Jules Birk and Paul Flynn were amongst a strong field of 33 riders. It was certainly going be a race where the attacks would come thick and fast or it would be a case of the most tactically astute looking to score points to lay down a foundation for the series title.

The sun decided to show its face as the race got underway and the first few laps saw the field tentatively test their collective legs and jostle for position sensing the first prime would be coming soon. With 3 primes per race and the points scored counting towards the overall standings, they were going to shape the outcome of the race. The first prime confirmed this as the big guns loomed large just as the whistle blew – Mike Coyle taking first blood with Jules Birk and Paul Flynn second and third respectively.

The increase in pace saw the first splits appear in the group with a definite bunch of riders forming and small splinter groups off the back trying to limit the damage being done by riders from Brighton Mitre, VC Londres and Southdowns Bikes.

A lead group of 15 established itself with the rest of the field scattered around the circuit and even primes 2 (Jules Birk first, Giorgios Crouch second, Mike Coyle third) and 3 (Philip Glowinski first, Mike Coyle second, Patrick Martin third) failed to see any riders break free from this group. It was going to come down to a bunch finish and despite some small digs the lead group came hammering up the finishing straight with Jules Birk of VC Londres narrowly securing victory from Paul Flynn (Brighton Mitre) with Georgios Crouch (VC Meudon) third.




Race 1 – Cat 2/3 Results

1.    Jules Birks (VC Londres)
2.    Paul Flynn (Brighton Mitre)
3.    Georgios Crouch (VC Meudon)
4.    Dan Gardener (ASL 360)
5.    Philip Glowinski (VC Londres)
6.    Michael Coyle (Brighton Mitre)
7.    Patrick Martin (Wyndymilla)
8.    Stuart Bettis (Southdowns Bikes)
9.    Mark Westrun (Strada-Sport)
10.    Roger Smith (Southdowns Bikes)
11.    Oli Pepper (Morvelo CC)
12.    Robert Quin (Brighton Mitre)
13.    George Higgs (Crawley Wheelers)
14.    Paul Barnard (Southdowns Bikes)
15.    Joe Hyatt (Brighton Mitre)
16.    Gavin Starling (Brighton Mitre)
17.    Tom Glanfield (Lewes Wanderers)
18.    Jack Evans (Brighton Mitre)
19.    George Jary (VC Londres)
20.    George Moore (ASL 360)
21.    Matt Townsend (ASL 360)
22.    Jo Burt (Road CC)
23.    Sam Cheeseman (ASL 360)
24.    Phil Smith (Brighton Mitre)
25.    Frazer Clifford (Boom Pods)
26.    Kimberly English (Contessa-Scott)
27.    John Powell (ASL 360)
28.    Joe Saville (Brighton Mitre)
29.    Mark Jary (VC Londres)
30.    Mario Manelfi (ASL 360)
31.    Nick Casburn (Wyndymilla)
32.    Eric Declior – DNF (Private)
33.    Dan Clark – DNF (Brighton Mitre)

2013 George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Overall Points Standings (After Race 1)

1.    Jules Birks (VC Londres)………..25pts
2.    Michael Coyle (Brighton Mitre) ..17pts
3.    Paul Flynn (Brighton Mitre)…… 14pts
4.    Georgios Crouch (VC Meudon)….14pts
5.    Philip Glowinski (VC Londres)….12pts
6.    Dan Gardener (ASL 360)………….8pts
7.    Patrick Martin (Wyndymilla)……..6pts
8.    Stuart Bettis (Southdowns Bikes)…3pts
9.    Mark Westrun (Strada-Sport)…….2pts
10.  Roger Smith (Southdowns Bikes) …1pt

The Cat 4 race saw one of the largest fields assembled since the crits started at Hove Park with many of the clubs from the South East of England being represented.

From the start the field seemed to be content with keeping up a steady pace and the bunch was all together for the early stages of the race. It took an attack by Steven Willis (Eastbourne Rovers) and Tom Beasley (East London Velo) to galvanise the riders into action. The duo managed to build up a fair lead over the now disintegrating field – the drag up to the finish proving to be too much for some of the riders.

Unfortunately for the break the remnants of the bunch put in a spirited chase and they were eventually dragged back. With 10 minutes left to run on the clock the field started to ready itself for a bunch gallop. The group was strung out along the back straight before they took the sharp left turn up the drag to the finish. The final 200 metres saw the strongest riders pull ahead with early escapee Steven Willis of Eastbourne Rovers punching the air as he crossed the line first. Mathew Leary of In-Gear and Tom Beasley of East London Velo took second and third respectively.


Race 1 – Cat 4 Result

1.    Steven Willis (Eastbourne Rovers)
2.    Matthew Leary (In-Gear)
3.    Tom Beasley (East London Velo)
4.    Anthony Barker (Crawley Wheelers)
5.    Trevor Deeble (Hastings& St Leonards)
6.    Michael Vance (Dulwich Paragon)
7.    Barnaby Kennard (Sussex Nomads)
8.    Nigel O’Brien (Brighton Mitre)
9.     Matt Nixon (Brighton Mitre)
10.  Philip Wallace-Tarry (Crawley Wheelers)
11.  JP Saville (Private)
12.  Nick Smith (Lewes Wanderers)
13.  James Danvers (Brighton Mitre)
14.  Simon Dowling (Brighton Mitre)
15.  Richard Harper (Kingston Wheelers)
16.  David Harries (Eastbourne Rovers)
17.  Jed Williamson (Private)
18.  Robin Plowman (ASL 360)
19.  Alex Taylor (Southdowns Bikes)
20.  James McCoy (Private)
21.  Alan Newman (Brighton Mitre)
22.  Zachary Bredmer (Dulwich Paragon)
23.  Trevor Roberts (Brighton Mitre)
24.  Alex Bayfus (Sussex Nomads)
25.  Jake Fieldsend (VC Jubilee)
26.  Sara Gent (VO2 Development) – DNF
27.  James Horan (Southdowns Bikes) – DNF
28.  Martin Edmonds (Brighton Mitre) -DNF

All that remains is to say thanks to all the riders who made a great evenings racing &

a MASSIVE thanks to all our helpers Rob, Gina, John, Martin, all the Matts, Grace & Ferne.

Look forward to seeing you all for the second race in the series on the 17th May.

Again many thanks

Bruce, Claire & Mike


The George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits Series 2013

The first race in the summer long series of four events kicks off on Friday 26 April at 6.45pm. 

Each evening will start with a 4th Category-only event over 30 minutes plus 5 laps, followed by a 2nd/3rd Category contest over 50 minutes plus 5 laps.

Riders please note – this year sees the introduction of a new points scoring system which will keep riders working hard (and pundits guessing!) right up to the finish of the last race of the series.

Points Scoring for each race (double points for the last race – including primes)

Overall Placing

1st: 15 points

2nd: 12 points

3rd: 10 points

4th: 8 points

5th: 6 points

6th: 5 points

7th: 4 points

8th: 3 points

9th: 2 points

10th: 1 point

Primes (three primes per race)

1st: 6 points

2nd: 4 points

3rd: 2 points

See you on the start line!

The George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits Series 2013

The racing for 2013 starts off on Friday 26 April, 2013 and will be followed by three other dates in the series (all on Friday evenings). The full schedule is as follows:

  • Friday, 26th April @ 6:45pm
  • Friday, 17th May @ 6:45pm
  • Friday, 14th June @ 6:45pm
  • Friday, 5th July @ 6:45pm

Reports from the 2012 Series

Race 1 – 27th April 2012:

The first race took place on a clear, crisp day with a good turnout with regards to participants and audience alike.

Mike Coyle of Brighton Mitre was the race winner. The bunch sprint for second was deservedly taken by John Lewes, a great reward for his attacking riding with Paul Flynn (Brighton Mitre) third over the line. Read more about the race here.

Race 1



Race 2 – 18th May 2012:

Taking place on cold, wet day, there was nonetheless a good field assembled for the second race of the Crits. Gary Brind (Southdown Bikes) and Jules Birks (VC Londres) held on for second and third respectively with Paul Flynn (Brighton Mitre) leading the pack in. Read more about the race here.

Race 2



Race 3 – 15th June 2012:

Round three in the series again saw the top three riders in the overall standings, Mike Coyle (Brighton Mitre), John Lewes (Charlotteville) & Gary Brind (Southdown Bikes) take to the start line for the next Hove Park battle.

Mike Coyle recorded yet another Hove Park victory, with Eric Decolier leading the pack home for second and John Lewes doing his overall series placing no harm by coming in third. Read more about the race here.


Race 4 – 20th July 2012:

This race was always going to be a cagey affair, with the main contenders marking each other closely. The only big attack of the night came from Matt Butt (ASL 360) when he broke away with 4 laps to go but he unfortunately overcooked the sharp left hand bend and came down.

This left the main group to fight out the uphill sprint to the finish line resulting in a win for Brock Duncumb-Rogers (GWR Team), Jean Spies (In-Gear) second, Mitre’s own Paul Flynn third and most importantly John Lewes securing fourth.  This gave John Lewes the necessary series points to become the first ‘George Samuel Memorial Hove Park Crits’ Champion. Read more about the race here.

John Lewes – 2012 George Samuel Hove Park Crits Champion